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Dancing with Jesus by Paula Walker Baker

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About Dancing with Jesus by Paula Walker Baker

Background Story


Paula Walker Baker was born a wandering, restless soul. A free spirit, she has often jumped from one thing to another to find the peace and tranquility in her life that others seemed to have. She was brought up in the church , became a Christian at the age of ten and went to church camp every summer. Somehow, that didn't seem enough for her. It has taken a life changing, soul searching event in her life to find a way to fill that longing in her life.  An all encompassing embrace of God never experienced before. A feeling of belonging, love and acceptance has finally become hers. Her desire now, is to share it with others, praying they, too find the peace  her restless soul has found. She's finally dancing with Jesus and letting Him lead.

Paula has written two novellas, The Conservative Congregant and And Time Stood Still  along with a fun children's book, Jack Learns to Grill.


 Letting Him Lead

Letting Him lead you, I have discovered is not an all-at-once kind of thing. At least it wasn't for me.  Humans, as we all know, are flawed beings. Most have to try their own way, first. I tried my way , then God's way . Back and forth I went until that day . A peace came over me like nothing I'd ever experienced before. I hope to be able to share it with you . It is a hard thing to describe, and the road is not an easy one, but, it  is doable. Suddenly, or not, the transformation is amazing and exciting. I hope you'll journey with me. Blog coming soon!


"Dance with the One that Brung You."


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